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Pet Damage Moreno Valley

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Pets. Animals. Most of us have them, and those of you that do know the damage they cause. When they damage your carpet they sometimes damage your pad which is underneath your carpet. When that happens you need a pad replacement and Inland Empire Carpet Repair does pet damage and pad replacement all the time

Corona Pet Repair

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At Inland Empire Carpet Repair we repair, repairs. When your carpet is damaged and then the person trying to fix it damages it even more, it can be frustrating. Trust us when we say that we fix repairs all the time and we’ll make it so that you can’t even see the damage.

Upland Flood Damage

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Flood damage happens a lot more often then you would think it does. When flood or water damage happens to you and your family call Inland Empire Carpet Repair and we’ll be there to save the day.

Ontario Carpet Re-Tack

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The customers of Ontario Carpet Re-Tack job had the toilet replaced and their carpet needed to be cut and re-tacked. When you need to make adjustments on your house and it doesn’t go expected be sure to call professionals who know how to fix damage. Call Inland Empire Carpet Repair today and we’ll come fix your carpet.

Riverside Carpet Install

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When you need carpet installed in your house you should trust a professional to take care of  it for you. Inland Empire Carpet Repair installs carpet regularly so when you need a professional, call us and we’ll install your carpet!

Riverside Pet Damage

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Pets can chew, scratch and otherwise damage your carpet and do things that are not easily fixed. Your pets are part of your family; life wouldn’t be quite the same without them. Dogs with separation anxiety can dig or chew holes in carpets and cats can find the perfect patch of carpet to use

Corona Burn Repair

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Sometimes women leave their hot curling irons and straighteners on their carpet and when that happens you get a Corona Burn Repair. Inland Empire Carpet Repair fixes all types of burn damages; hookah, matches and accidents like hair products. Give us a call at (909) 436-6080 today and we’ll fix your burn damage!