Carpet to Tile Transition Repair

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Have you recently installed tile or wood flooring in your home? Who doesn’t love the beauty and elegance that comes along with installing them?

Wood and tile flooring not only adds visual appeal to your home it also significantly improves the value of your home! There is no downside to installing wood or tile flooring in your home.

There is one issue that usually gets neglected after deciding to go with tile or wood. This is the carpet to tile transition.

A majority of homeowners opt to keep carpeting in the bedrooms because of the comfort and insulation value that it provides.

Nobody likes to get out of bed to step onto a cold floor! So typically what we tend to see is where the tile and carpet meet, the carpet is usually frayed, curled or torn.

This not only becomes an eyesore, it also becomes a hazard as well!

A problem like this is something that is easily remedied with a call to Inland Empire Carpet Repair & Cleaning!

We have a variety of repair techniques that we can use depending on the circumstances. Let us walk you through them so you have a complete picture of what we can do for you.

Repair Techniques That We Use

Transition Strips: We have transitions strips that come in a variety of styles. Typically they are wood, metal or rubber. A transition strip creates a joint that is level with your wood or tile flooring.

Transition strips are commonly used where the transition from floor to carpet could create a lip. This is a repair technique that is seldom used though due to its visual appearance.

We want to make sure that our repairs are seamless so we don’t normally recommend a transition strip for our residential customers.

Tack Strips: If your carpet and tile/wood floor are the same height, we recommend that your carpet simply be re-stretched and attached to the tack strips. This creates a clean looking transition between carpet and tile.

Rubber Reducers: This is a repair option for our commercial clients. Most commercial carpets are traditionally transitioned using rubber reducers. Over time, these reducers become aged and worn out.

When this happens, it is time to call Inland Empire Carpet Repair & Cleaning! We can replace your rubber reducers quickly and professionally.

Having our carpet repair technicians on site will not hinder your business operations. Our guys will stay out of the way.

If you have any questions about our carpet to tile transition repair service, please contact us today at (909) 277-2412. We look forward to serving you!