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Inland Empire Carpet Repair strictly adheres to the standards established by The Clean Trust organization; previously the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration.   To qualify Inland Empire Carpet Repair has demonstrated proof of insurance, maintain a written customer complaint policy with documented follow-up and provide ongoing education and training for all technicians.  We maintain a professional track record because we provide an honest and professional service to our clients. Here are a few questions that we are often asked which may be helpful to you.

1.  “Is it required to move the furniture?” – If you need your carpet stretched then you will need all the furniture removed from the room.  In order to provide our customers with the best repair possible we would never attempt to re-stretch your carpet with the furniture in place. We would also caution against using a business that says otherwise.

2.  “How are bare spots repaired?” – More often than not the original install had extra carpet left over.  This extra carpet is usually kept in the garage or attic.  When Inland Empire Carpet Repair is asked to fix a bare spot we will want to use these remnant pieces because they are identical in color and type to what is already installed.  We will remove the damaged section and replace it with a permanent section to leave you with a seamless repair.  If you do not have remnant pieces don’t panic; our qualified and experienced technicians will have a solution for you.  Please call us anytime for a no cost phone estimate.

3.  “Why can’t I just purchase a new section from a local retailer?” – It is near impossible to precisely match your current carpet with a piece from a retailer such as Home Depot because the dye concentrations change from lot to lot. When looking at the color swatch below it is apparent that the colors are different.  This is not the case with carpet. In fact the difference will be more than obvious once it is installed.  Don’t risk wasting your hard earned money.  Let us use our experience to find a solution for your carpet needs.