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Fontana Pet Damage

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When people have pets they have to put up with a lot in order to keep their pets happy and healthy, but you shouldn’t have to put up with damaged carpet. At Inland Empire Carpet Repair we will repair the damage done to your carpet by your pets quickly and easily. Call us today and

Moreno Valley Pet Damage

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Could you tell where the patch was if we didn’t show you the before photo?  A carpet repair such as this with patterned carpet takes skill and experience to make it look this good.  Other elements that are present also help such as age of the carpet and how well it was taken care of over the years. Inland Empire Carpet

Temecula Pet Damage

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Pets damage carpet all the time and when pets damage carpet professionals are what you need to come fix the damage for you. Inland Empire Carpet Repair fixes pet damage all the time, sometimes pets damage carpet on the stairs and it can be a little difficult, but we’ll be there to fix your damage

Highland Pet Damage

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At Inland Empire Carpet Repair we do everything we can to provide the best kind of service to you. When you call we make it our priority to exceed your expectations, for the Highland Pet Damage job we provided same day service to the customers.

Fontana Carpet Stretch

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Ripples in carpet happen more often than not and when that happens you need a professional to come fix your ripples. Ripples will permanently damage your carpet, what that means is that even when stretched the carpet will still have a dent from the ripple. Call Inland Empire Carpet Repair today at (909) 436-6080!

Redlands Bleach Stains

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Sometimes accidents happen and they can be overwhelming to try to deal with. Professional carpet repairmen, like Inland Empire Carpet Repair, know how to do patch jobs on stained carpet. When accidents happen call us to come and fix your carpet for you!

Moreno Valley Carpet Stretch

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Ripples will happen in carpet sometimes and when they do you need a professional to come and take the ripples out. In order to do that we cut the carpet then we use a power stretcher to stretch the carpet then cut it so that it fits, then we glue the carpet back

Rancho Cucamonga Pet Damage

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Pets are difficult to train and sometimes they damage your carpet. When a pet damages your carpet the only thing you need to worry about is continually training your pet. Call Inland Empire Carpet Repair and we will be there as soon as possible.

Corona Pet Damage

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When damage is done to your carpet, no matter how big or small, Inland Empire Carpet Repair will be there to repair the damage done to your carpet. Pet Damage is some of the most common damage done to carpet, we fix it all the time. Call us today and we’ll be there as soon

Winchester Carpet Stretch

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You know when you’re carpet needs stretching because it has ripples in the carpet. Inland Empire Carpet Repair fixes ripples all the time, when you need someone to come fix the ripples you can rely on us to fix the damage quickly and easily.