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Colton Carpet Repair

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This is a pet damage repair done in Colton. Our tech used a remnant piece of carpet to repair the damage by doing a patch. The remnant used was new carpet, that is why you can see the difference in the repair and the rest of the carpet but it should blend in within a few

Ontario Carpet Repair

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This is carpet that has been damaged by a pet. It ripped up part of the carpet along the doorway. Good thing this customer called IECR. Our tech was able to repair the damage by using extra carpet and doing a patch.

San Bernardino Carpet Repair

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This is a flood damaged carpet repair done in San Bernardino. Our tech had to install new padding, put back the carpet, and re-stretch the carpet. Customer was happy that he didn’t have to replace the carpet.

Redlands Carpet Repair

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This is a carpet stretching job done in Redlands. As you can see there are a couple of ripples in the hallway. Hallways can be a little tricky, sometimes we need to cut seams in order to stretch the carpet. That is why you need carpet professionals to properly stretch the carpet.

Murrieta Carpet Repair

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To properly stretch carpet we always recommend for the room to be empty. We use a power stretcher to get a drum-tight fit. We also warranty our work for three years. Give IECR a call for all your carpet repair and cleaning needs.

Norco Carpet Cleaning

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Having dirty carpet is unhealthy.  Protect your family and furry friends by having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Not only will it make your home look more warm and inviting, it’s actually better for you. Give IECR a call for a free phone estimate.

Corona Carpet Repair

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This is a pet damage repair done in Corona. Our tech replaced the damaged area with a remnant by doing a patch. Give us a call at (909)436-6080, for all your carpet repair and cleaning needs.

Moreno Valley Carpet Repair

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If your carpet has pet damage then you need the carpet experts at IECR to repair the damage. With any pet damage you need to have it taken care of right away, before the pet makes the damage worst and it becomes more costly to repair. Give us a call at (909)436-6080, for a free phone estimate.

Calimesa Carpet Repair

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Stairs ripple constantly mostly because of poor installation. You need carpet expert from IECR, who will get the job done right the first time. Our tech is IICRC certified, he will stretch your carpeted stairs and have them looking great again.

Corona Carpet Repair

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Carpet ripples can be unpleasant to look at, that is why you need to call IECR to stretch your carpet. Our tech will use an important and powerful tool called a power stretcher to properly stretch the carpet. Look at this carpet stretching job done in Corona.