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Sun City Carpet Repair

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If carpet ripples are not taken care of soon you can have permanent ware paterns on your carpet. Give IECR a call today at (909)436-6080, if your carpet has ripples and need professional carpet stretching.

Redlands Carpet Repair

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This is a cat urine repair our tech did in Redlands. That section of the carpet was heavily soiled with urine to be cleaned. Our tech had to do a patch using a remnant piece of carpet.

Fontana Carpet Repair

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Pet owners go through this at least once, pet damaged carpet. Not to worry IECR is here to help. Our highly skilled tech will repair the damage and have it looking like nothing ever happened in no time. Give us a call at (909)436-6080, for a free phone estimate.

Palm Dessert Carpet Repair &Cleaning

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If your carpet has ripples you need to have your carpet stretched. To get the best results, you should have your carpet stretched and then cleaned.  Just take a look at this carpet that we stretched and cleaned, it looks great!

Rialto Carpet Repair

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This pet got caught in the room and was trying to dig it’s way out. This is the friendly surprise it left it’s owner. Good thing the owner called the carpet experts at IECR. Our tech had their carpet looking like new in no time.

Highland Carpet Repair

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Give IECR a call at (909)436-6080 if your carpet has ripples. Our tech is a professional who will walk you through the process, give you some carpet maitnance tips, and have your carpet looking like new.

Sun City Carpet Repair & Cleaning

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Our tech went to Sun City to stretch and clean carpet. To stretch the carpet he used a power stretcher to ensure carpet was taut. We highly recommended to have your carpet stretched first and then cleaned.  This can be done in one day and the carpet will dry between 3-4 hours. Note: it’s still the

Rubidoux Carpet Repair

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This is a pet damage repair done in Rubidoux. Carpet was lifted up by the pet. Our tech had to cut around the damaged area and replace it with a remnant piece of carpet. Can you tell where the repair was made?

Mentone Carpet Repair

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Don’t replace it, repair it! No matter what your carpet repair needs are, we can handle it! Take a look at this pet damage repair our skilled tech did in Mentone. Pet dug through the carpet and pad. He had to add new padding and carpet. The repair looks great!

Redlands Carpet Repair

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This customer in Redlands gave us a call after having new tile installed. He needed us to tuck the carpet. We had to install tack-strip, stretch the carpet, and tuck it. It is now a nice transition from carpet to tile.