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Sun City Carpet Repair & Cleaning

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Carpet ripples if not treated, with time they will get bigger and darker from collecting dirt. The professionals at IECR can stretch and clean your carpet the same day. Give us call at (909)436-6080 for a free phone estimate.

Palm Dessert Carpet Repair

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Went to Palm Dessert to do a stretching job.  Customer had multiple ripples in this room. Used a power stretcher to get a drum-tight fit. Customer was pleased with the results.

Lake Elsinore Carpet Repair

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This is difficult carpet to work with, it’s especially hard to do a repair that looks seamless. Good thing our client called IECR. Our skilled tech did an amazing job repairing this pet damage. READ YELP REVIEW:

Grand Terrace Carpet Repair

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Our tech went to repair pet damage in front of a closet door. The pet had chewed through the carpet and padding and it had exposed tack-strip. This customer decided to have us repair the damaged carpet before someone stepped on the tack-strip and got injured.

Rialto Carpet Repair

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Pet damage to your carpet come in all shapes and sizes like this one caused by a rabbit. Good thing this customer called the carpet specialist at IECR to repair their carpet. Give us a call at (909)436-6080, for all your carpet repair and cleaning needs.

Norco Carpet Repair

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Our tech went to do a carpet to wood tuck because the tack-strip came loose. To do this repair he re-tacked, stretched, and tucked the carpet. The transition looks great once again.

Riverside Carpet Repair

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Customer in Riverside called us inquiring about pet damage repair. They had let their dog go inside their house and the next thing you know it had tore up the carpet. Not to worry, our carpet specialist was able to repair this damage. READ YELP REVIEW:

Mira Loma Carpet Cleaning

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Having your carpet professionally clean doesn’t just make your carpet look better, it’s also good for you. It helps improve the air quality and prevents the buildup of allergens. Give us a call at (909)436-6080 for a free phone estimate.

Colton Carpet Repair

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Our carpet specialist went out to Colton after this customer had experienced a flood damage to put the carpet back. He stretched the carpet and he also cleaned it.