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San Bernardino Carpet Repair

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Take a look at this pet damage repair our carpet specialist did for a customer in San Bernardino. Another satisfied customer! READ YELP REVIEW:

Menifee Carpet Repair

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This client in Menifee had a pet urine problem, so he cut the carpet and removed the padding. We came in added new padding and did a seam repair. You can’t even tell the carpet was ever cut. Give us a call at (909)436-6080 for all your carpet repair and cleaning needs.

Highland Carpet Repair

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Poor installation can cause your carpet to ripple, like it did for our client in Highland. He decided to give IECR a call and have us stretch his carpet. The results are amazing, his carpet looks new again. READ YELP REVIEW:

Mentone Carpet Repair

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A client in Mentone had some damaged carpet caused by her pet. Our carpet specialist did what he does best, repaired her carpet and made it look like new. Give us a call for all your carpet repair and cleaning needs at (909)436-6080.

Bloomington Carpet Repair

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IECR was called to Bloomington to stretch this room. To achieve the best results we use a power stretcher. We are so confident in our work we have a three year warranty.

Corona Carpet Repair

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Don’t wait until your carpet becomes a tripping hazard. Call us today at (909)436-6080, to have your carpet professionally stretched, and don’t forget to ask about our carpet cleaning services.

Upland Carpet Repair

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Client in Upland called for some carpet repair due to her pet scratching up her carpet. We reassured her that the damage could be repaired. She was blown away with the results.

San Bernardino Carpet Cleaning

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Vacuuming is not enough. It’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned to prolong the life of your carpet and it also improves indoor air quality. Give us a call at (909)436-6080 to set up an appointment.

Ontario Carpet Repair

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Customer wanted to run a cable underneath the carpet. After pulling up the carpet and running the cable, we restretched the carpet.