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Riverside Carpet Repair

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Customer in Riverside installed the wood floor himself, but even the best at DIY have to draw the line. He called the experts to tuck the carpet where carpet and wood meet.

Wildomar Carpet Repair

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We installed a new pad in this Wildomar home. Customer originally had foam installed beneath the carpet. Most of the time foam breaks down and creates an unstable walking surface. Check out our reviews at YELP.

Carpet Stretching Moreno Valley

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Carpet ripples can damage your carpet if it’s not taken care of. Our carpet specialist uses power stretcher to properly stretch the carpet and we offer a 3 year warranty. Check out our reviews at YELP.

Beaumont Carpet Repair

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Customer in Beaumont called for pet damage repair where carpet and tile meet. This is a very common repair we do for pet owners. Give us a call at (909)436-6080 for all your carpet repairs.

Fontana Carpet Repair

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We repair repairs!! You get what you paid for. Don’t waste time and money, get your carpet repairs done right the first time. Check out our reviews at YELP.

Calimesa Carpet Repair

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Protect your investment, don’t wait for the pet damage in your carpet to get bigger. Give us a call at (909)436-6080 for a free phone estimate.

Riverside Carpet Repair

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Customer in Riverside had some old carpet that became loose in a heavy trafficked area. No worries Inland Empire Carpet Repair to the rescue! Check out our reviews at Customer Lobby and YELP.

Corona Carpet Repair

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For this customer in Corona we brought life back into their carpet after stretching and cleaning it. Give us a call at 909-436-6080 for a free phone estimate.

Mira Loma Carpet Repair

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For some pet damage repairs you have to consider that you will be able to see the repair when the remnant is in better condition than the rest of the carpet. Carpet cleaning will help but only with time will there be no difference. Check out our reviews at YELP.

Murrieta Carpet Repair

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As a pet owner we know how easy it is for accidents to happen. When your pet damages your carpet give us a call, we can repair it!