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San Jacinto Carpet Repair and Cleaning

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Look at how beautiful the carpet looks when it’s been properly stretched and cleaned. Call us at 909-436-6080, to set up an appointment for all your carpet repair and cleaning needs. READ REVIEW HERE:

Riverside Carpet to Tile Tuck

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We understand that installing carpet or tile is an investment, and that is why we want the transition from the carpet to tile to look flawless. Give us a call if you need carpet installation of just need the transition between the carpet to tile to be repaired.

Riverside Flood Damage Repair

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If you have experienced water damage, make sure to get it treated right away. Pad needs to be removed and replaced and carpet needs to be dried completely to avoid mold built up, which is very harmful. Carpet needs to be cleaned and re-stretched.

Corona Carpet Cleaning

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The holidays are right around the corner, don’t forget to get your carpet cleaned. There is nothing more inviting than a clean home with clean carpet. Call us today to set up an appointment and have our specialist clean your carpet.

Corona Carpet Stretch

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Carpet Stretching is one of our specialties, if you have carpet ripples in any room give us a call at 909-436-6080 to set up an appointment to stretch your carpet.

Murrieta Carpet Stretch

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Did your carpet look fine when you first moved in, but now has carpet ripples? Just like anything it can loose its elasticity. We can help by stretching your carpet, call us at 909-436-6080.

Upland Flood Damage Repair

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Flood damage can happen to anyone, but when it happens to you, know that you can count on your reliable and professional Inland Empire Carpet Repair specialists. Call us at 909-436-6080 to set up an appointment.

Yucaipa Carpet Stretch and Carpet to Wood Tuck

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Are you remodeling your home and decided to install wood flooring but now need the transition from the carpet to the wood to look flawless? Do you also need your carpet stretched? Then you need Inland Empire Carpet Repair & Cleaning to do your repairs.

Murrieta Pet Damage Repair

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Don’t think that you have to replace your carpet just because your pet damaged the carpet. We can repair it! Call us today at 909-436-6080 to set up an appointment and get your pet damaged carpet repaired.

Chino Carpet Stain Repair

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Ever dropped something on your carpet and it won’t come out even after cleaning it? Don’t be frightened we can repair your carpet and make it look as if nothing ever occurred. Just take a look at this job done in Chino.