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Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Stretching and Cleaning

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We do recommend that you do all carpet repairs and stretching before you get your carpet cleaned. Our carpet specialist can conveniently do both carpet stretching and cleaning on the same day. Call us today at 909-436-6080 to set up an appointment.

Corona Carpet Stretch

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There is nothing like the present to get your carpet stretched. Don’t put it off, it can damage your carpet. Our carpet specialist can restore your carpet to its original look. Call us today at 909-436-6080 for a free phone estimate.

Chino Carpet Cleaning

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Our carpet specialist is IICRC certified and his quality work speaks for itself. If you want carpet cleaning and wanted done the right way, then you need Inland Empire Carpet Repair and Cleaning to do the job for you. Give us a call at 909-436-6080 to set up an appointment. READ REVIEW HERE:

Corona Pet Damage

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No matter how much we love and train our pets, accidents will occur, that is where it comes in handy to know about your friendly Inland Empire Carpet Repair specialist. We can fix any damage your pet has decided to make to your carpet. Call us today at 909-436-6080 to set an appointment.

Corona Carpet Stairs Cleaning

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Carpet Stairs get the most abuse compared to any other room in the house. They are the most trafficked and get the dirtiest, that is why our Inland Empire Carpet Repair specialist hand scrub each stair to make them look beautiful and clean once more. Just take a look at these stairs that were cleaned in