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Corona Carpet Stretch

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Ripples sometimes happen in carpet and when they do you need to stretch them immediately or else your carpet can be permanently damaged. Give us a call today at (909) 436-6080 and we’ll be there ASAP!

Lake Forest Pet Damage

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Could you tell where the patch was if we didn’t show you the before photo?  A carpet repair such as this with patterned carpet takes skill and experience to make it look this good.  Other elements that are present also help such as age of the carpet and how well it was taken care of over the years. Inland Empire Carpet

Beaumont Carpet to Tile Tuck

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Inland Empire Carpet Repair went and did a Beaumont Carpet to Tile Tuck. When damage is done to the seam between tile and carpet it looks bad but Inland Empire Carpet Repair can come and fix the damage for you as soon as possible.

Rancho Cucamonga Burn Repair

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Look at the damage caused by a burn on this nice carpet. Even on the nicest carpet, accidents can happen and damage can be caused. Lucky for you, Inland Empire Carpet Repair can fix burn damage quickly and easily. If you accidentally burned your carpet call us at (909) 436-6080 today!

Corona Carpet Stretch

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Carpet can ripple in several spots or in just one, like in the Corona Carpet Stretch job. One ripple is no better than several, damage wise, no matter the number of ripples it will still permanently damage your carpet. Inland Empire Carpet Repair are experts at fixing ripples. Call us today at (909) 436-6080!

Murrieta Carpet Stretch

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You know when you’re carpet needs stretching because it has ripples in the carpet. Inland Empire Carpet Repair fixes ripples all the time, when you need someone to come fix the ripples you can rely on us to fix the damage quickly and easily. Call us today at (909 436-6080!

Fountain Valley Carpet Repair

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When damage is done to your carpet, no matter how big or small, Inland Empire Carpet Repair will be there to repair the damage done to your carpet. We fix carpet damage all the time. Call us today at (909)436-6080 and we’ll be there as soon as possible.

Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Stretch

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Ripples can happen in carpet due to heat and as we all know Inland Empire gets really hot! When your carpet needs re-stretching call professionals to take care of you, Inland Empire Carpet Repair will come take care of you. Call us today at (909) 436-6080!

Huntington Beach Carpet Repair

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We repair repairs, the customers of the Huntington Beach Repair Job tried to repair the damage done to their carpet themselves and ended up making the damage worse. Instead of trying to save yourself money and further damaging your carpet, save yourself time and in the long run calling Inland Empire Carpet Repair will pay off!

Upland Burn Repair

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Sometimes accident do happen, for instance the Upland Burn Repair job, the customers accidentally dropped candle on the floor and it burned their carpet. When accidents happen you need to trust a professional, call Inland Empire Carpet Repair today!