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Riverside Carpet Stretch

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Ripples in carpet happen more often than not and when that happens you need a professional to come fix your ripples. Ripples will permanently damage your carpet, what that means is that even when stretched the carpet will still have a dent from the ripple. Call Inland Empire Carpet Repair today at (909) 436-6080!

Redlands Berber Flood Damage

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When damage is done to your carpet by water Inland Empire Carpet Repair can come and fix it for you. Accidents will always happen and when they do you need to trust our professionally trained experts at Inland Empire Carpet Repair.

Riverside Carpet Stretch

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Carpet can ripple in several spots or in just one, like in the Riverside Carpet Stretch job. One ripple is no better than several, damage wise, no matter the number of ripples it will still permanently damage your carpet. Inland Empire Carpet Repair are experts at fixing ripples. Call us today at (909) 436-6080!

Murrieta Burn Repair

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Look at the damage caused by a burn on this nice carpet. Even on the nicest carpet, accidents can happen and damage can be caused. Lucky for you, Inland Empire Carpet Repair can fix burn damage quickly and easily. If you accidentally burned your carpet call us at (909) 436-6080 today! Find us at Customer Lobby, Yelp,

Redlands Berber Repair

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Berber carpet is very difficult to manipulate making it hard to repair. When somethings hard to do, not very many people want to do it. Luckily Inland Empire Carpet Repair puts your needs before ours and repairs berber carpet for your convenience. Find us at Customer Lobby, Yelp, and Facebook.

Riverside Berber Carpet Repair

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When you do renovations to your house and it damages your carpet you want to find someone you can trust to come and correctly fix your carpet. The customers of the Riverside Berber Carpet Repair job had just removed a vanity from the wall and they needed a carpet patch job. Find us at Customer Lobby, Yelp,

Temecula Carpet Install

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Inland Empire Carpet Repair, we pride ourselves on our installation. The Temecula Carpet Install job is no different, we install all forms of carpet, you can even order carpet through us. If you need your carpet installed give us a call. Find us at Customer Lobby, Yelp, and Facebook.

Chino Hills Berber Stretch

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To maintain your carpet and have it last longer it needs to be properly stretched.  To properly stretch the carpet we use a power stretcher to get out all of the bumps and ripples that will wear out your carpet faster. When properly stretched, the carpet will last much longer. See us on Customer Lobby, Yelp, and Facebook.

Murrieta Stair Repair

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Inland Empire Carpet Repair went and did a Murrieta Stair Repair. Not all carpet damage is done on flat surface, sometimes we are called to fix odd damage like that which are done on stairs. When stair damage is done it is nice to have someone to be able to trust with your carpet. Call Inland Empire